Prayer Walking for Thy Kingdom Come

18th to 28th May 2023

This year the churches of Nottingham are trying to cover every street in Nottingham (including West Bridgford) with prayer.  At West Bridgford Methodist Church we are hoping to join in with this initiative during the Thy Kingdom Come Festival of Prayer in May. 

This guide includes instructions on how to access the app to record your prayer walk on your phone or computer (and what to do if you can’t) and how to approach a prayer walk.

So if you can:
– Pick a street, or group of streets to pray for
– Visit those streets and pray.  You could simply pray for your own street, or you might want to do a walk (or walks) that include a number of streets.
– Record the streets you have prayed for on the app (or let us know by emailing or telling Mark) so we can do it for you.

The Prayer App

Nottingham City Prayer have produced a great app to track the prayer walks. 

1) The FREE prayer app can only be downloaded from 2 places:

On the Nottingham City Prayer website, which also provides more detail.  

or directly from

The App is not available in any app store, so you’ll need to follow carefully the instructions that will get the app onto the ‘home screen’ of your phone.

2) Once logged in, please select ‘More’, then ‘How to’ and follow the simple instructions. When you’re ready to prayer walk, select ‘Map’, then ‘Edit Route’ – click on the roads you plan to prayer walk, then once you’ve prayer-waked, finally select ‘Complete Route’. Together we will see the whole of greater Nottingham saturated in prayer and God’s blessing – with streets first turning pink as earmarked, then blue as completed.

3) Keep checking back over the two months to either add more prayer walks or to be encouraged by seeing how many streets have been blessed.

Some ideas about how to do a prayer walk

Prayer walking is as simple as it sounds – praying as you walk. When we prayer walk we are stepping into our authority as God’s children to bless people and places in Jesus’ name.  You can pray generally for the street or there may be specific things to pray for.  You can go alone but it’s often better with two or a small group.  Here are some other things to think about:

As you prayer walk, be aware of your surroundings: what you see, smell, hear and touch. But also be aware of what God is saying to you as you move around your community; if any Bible verses pop into your head or if you have any pictures, visions or words of knowledge. Turn these natural and supernatural senses into prayer. 

The point of prayer walking isn’t about being seen praying; it’s about seeing and praying. You can pray quietly together or in silence if it makes you feel more comfortable. However, don’t be afraid to speak out prayers if you feel compelled to.  

As you prayer walk, the focus is on those who are living in your community so be intentional about praying for God’s blessings on what you see and feel. Even in difficult areas, try to pray positively. Focus on God’s plans and purposes for the place and people that live there.  “Your Kingdom come, your will be done…” is an excellent start.