As more people here at West Bridgford Methodist Church were showing concern for God’s creation due to the Climate Crisis our minister Mark asked for people interested in forming an eco group. Several people responded to this call and for over a year this group has been meeting regularly.

Our eco group’s aims are:

  • To care for God’s earth
  • To consider our Church’s response to environmental issues
  • To create awareness of the global climate emergency within our church and local community
  • To create a greener, fairer world and encourage changes to tackle the climate crisis

To help us achieve those aims, we have been working with the Eco Church scheme provided by the organisation A Rocha. We completed a survey about our church’s approach to environmental issues and then worked to improve our response to this issue. Initially we didn’t qualify for any award, but we have since made changes and recently we achieved the Bronze Award which is now proudly displayed in our church foyer.

The changes we have made so far:

  • We have created a garden in the church grounds which has animal friendly features like bird feeders and bug hotels.
  • We regularly have services dedicated to environmental issues and more regularly mention green issues in our services.
  • We have produced a Recycling leaflet and encourage recycling in church by having boxes for collecting recycling.
  • During Big Green Week 2022 we encouraged church members to reduce car journeys as much as they could.
  • We held a green coffee morning where we encouraged people to calculate their carbon footprint and consider their impact on the climate.
  • Plans are in place for a cycle stand at church to encourage more people to travel to church by bike.

We hope to continue making a difference here at West Bridgford Methodist Church and look forward to using Big Green Week 2023 to encourage conversation and change for all who join us!