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Our rooms are managed by the West Bridgford Methodist Church Property Team for the benefit of the church and local community.
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Our Rooms

Our Rooms & Booking

The rooms may be hired by other approved users, subject to the completion of a signed booking form and acceptance of our Room Use Conditions.

Please submit an enquiry if you are interested in using our rooms for a group or activity before completing a booking request form.

The hourly room rental rates are shown by the room pictures.

The lower price is the charge for community groups and the higher price is for commercial groups and private parties.

Please note that our hiring arrangements do not include any access to the adjacent car park which is solely for church members and flats tenants.

John Heard

John Heard

Bookings Co-ordinator

John Heard is our bookings co-ordinator. He is happy to talk to you about your room requirements and support you to make best use of our facilities.

Room 2

Room 1 (8m x 6m)

Hourly charge: Community £12.00 /Commercial £16
Capacity: 40
Usage: Meetings, small groups, especially toddlers, and for seated activity

Room 2

Room 2 (10m x 7m)

Hourly charge: Community £12 /Commercial £16
Capacity: 50
Usage: Meetings, Music, Dance (including tap dancing), Physical Activity. This room has full blackout facilities.

Room 4

Room 4 (8m x 6m)

Hourly charge: Community £12 /Commercial £16
Capacity: 40
Usage: Meetings, Small Concerts, Quiet Room

Room 5

Room 5 (10m x 7m)

Hourly charge: Community £12.50 /Commercial £17.50
Capacity: 60
Usage: Meetings, Music, Small Concerts, Dance, Physical Activity

Room 9

Room 9 (7m x 6m)

Hourly charge: Community £12 /Commercial £16
Capacity: 30
Usage: Meetings, Music, Dance, Physical Activity

Upper Hall

Upper Hall (12m x 8m)

Hourly charge: Community £17.50 /Commercial £23
Capacity: 60
Usage: Youth Activities, Dance, Physical Activity, Creative Activity

Main Hall

Main Hall (12m x 10m)

Hourly charge:Community £23 /Commercial £30      Main Hall with use of Kitchen Community £27.50 /Commercial £37
Capacity: 80 seated
Usage: Meetings, Quiet Activity, Music, Parties, Coffee Mornings

church interior

 Church (minimum session 4 hours) 

Hourly charge: Community £37.50 /Commercial £57.50
Capacity: 250 (Covid precautions 200)
Usage: Meetings, Concerts, Music

Room Set Up

All groups need to make their own arrangements, during the booked hire time, to set up any chairs and tables, and to return the room to its usual layout after use.

The Booking Form 2024-2025 can be downloaded here and is also available from the church foyer. It must be returned by email to the Bookings Officer or placed in the black posting box adjacent to the church entrance, together with a signed copy of the Room Use Conditions pdf. Telephone bookings are not accepted as a signature is required to confirm the conditions of hire.

Regular bookings

should be confirmed by submitting a form one month before the start of the next school term. Terms are defined as:

  • 1st September – 31st December 2024
  • 1st January – 18th April 2025
  • 21st April –  31st August 2025

Occasional bookings

for other sessions must be made at least 7 days in advance. Payment in advance may be requested. 


must also be made at least 7 days in advance, otherwise the full fee for the booking will be charged.

Conditions of Use

When booking, all users must agree to abide by the Room Use Conditions and ensure that they submit a signed copy together with a copy of their Public Liability Insurance for at least £5 million to safeguard both group members and the other users of this church and community building.

This is a shared facility, so users must show awareness of others and be prepared to help with management of the building. It is also important for Health and Safety that the rooms and communal areas are left clean and tidy condition after each session.

Fire Safety

We take our responsibilities for Fire Safety very seriously. and remind all users to organise regular fire drills with us.Further details of our policy and procedures can be obtained by contacting us.

Booking Support

For any help with any matters regarding bookings, phone the church office answerphone on (0115) 9141253 or contact John Heard at

What’s going on in the church rooms this week?

Please note that these diaries are not live, and designed only to give an indication of room usage. There may have been some changes since they were added to the website.

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