Room Use Conditions and Keyholder Declaration


West Bridgford Methodist Church welcomes users of its premises and facilities, both in helping with the costs of upkeep of the building and as a practical way of supporting local community. These Conditions for Room Use apply to all users of the premises, both church and non-church groups. All users are required to observe the conditions which have been developed to ensure good relationships between users and the church and to protect the interests of each party. Within these Conditions, the hirer is referred to as ‘you’ and the hiring group as ‘your group’. Any breaches of these Conditions by you, the hirer, or by your group, will result in the issue of a formal warning. Two warnings will result in the immediate cancellation of the hire.



These Conditions, together with the Booking Forms completed by you, form the agreement regarding dates and times of bookings, and apply from the first date shown until a new agreement is signed. Booking Forms should be submitted termly, in line with timings shown on the form to the Bookings Officer, John Heard (07962 121 571) on behalf of the Church Council.


In consideration of the provision of rooms, you agree

  • To pay the church, the agreed appropriate rate of hire for the booked period (including any time needed to set up or put away in addition to the activity time) within 21 days of the invoice date.
  • To pay for any use of the premises (including setting up / clearing away) beyond the booked period, (minimum extra charge 1 hour).


For its part, the church agrees

  • To pay all charges for gas, water and electricity supplied to the premises and to be responsible for heating and lighting costs.
  • To maintain a healthy and safe environment in the buildings, complying with all statutory requirements.
  • To operate a Lost Property system but without accepting any liability for goods or personal effects lost or damaged on the premises.


In addition to the above,

  1. You must assist the church and its officers in the maintenance of a safe environment for all users of these premises and you are personally responsible for ensuring that your behaviour and that of your group ensures a safe environment for all users at all times.
  2. A key may be issued to you in exchange for a £10 refundable deposit. No copies should be made of this key and it must not be lent to anyone, including another room user.
  3. You are responsible for being present on each occasion listed on the Booking Form, unless the Bookings Officer has been notified by you in advance and the substitute leader has been identified. The substitute leader must also sign a copy of these Conditions for Room Use before leading the group. In all cases, you as hirer retain the responsibility for compliance.



Bookings may be cancelled by the church without notice for unforeseen eventualities such as the loss of electricity, water or heating. In such cases we cannot offer any compensation, nor assume responsibility for any other expenses or consequential loss.

Bookings may also be cancelled by the church without notice if there is a failure to comply with Safeguarding requirements, if no Public Liability insurance is held or in the case of any other serious breach of our Room Use Conditions.

This Agreement may be terminated (or individual bookings cancelled) by either party, in writing with 7 days notice. An Email to is recommended. All bookings cancelled with less than 7 days notice are fully chargeable.   



There are four meeting/activity rooms in the rear block, Rooms 2, 4, 5 and 9, together with the Upper Hall. Room 1 can occasionally be made available for groups serving young children. For certain activities users may also hire the Main Hall at the front of the building (together with its kitchen if required) and the church worship area which is situated to the left of the entrance. The Hirer shall have full use of the furniture and equipment in the rooms booked, (except in the case of the church or the kitchen as specified below) and full, but not exclusive, use of the shared facilities such as toilets, tea-bays, corridors.


The church is primarily a place of worship and other use is strictly controlled. The hirer’s right to use furniture is limited to moving chairs. The moving of sanctuary furniture, adjustments to the lighting, the use of the sound and projection systems, or use of the organ is not permitted unless authorised in writing. The Main Hall kitchen has a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 stars from Rushcliffe Borough Council. It is a condition of hire that all food preparation (other than drinks, pre-baked cakes and biscuits) must be carried out under the supervision of a holder of a current food hygiene certificate with adherence to the guidelines of the Food Safety Act displayed in the kitchen and particularly the colour coded system for food preparation. This includes responsibility for alerting consumers to allergen information in respect of any food served.



The building is cleaned each weekday morning, between 6.30am and 8.30am and once during the weekend. Its maintenance is overseen by the church Property Team comprised of volunteer church members. The shared use of these premises depends upon respect and consideration being shown for the employees and volunteers of the church and other room users at all times. Therefore, you should help by


    1. Responding promptly to any reasonable request from a church volunteer or one of our employees
    2. Ensuring that all landings, corridors and open public areas are kept clear at all times. In particular they must not be used for activities such as group registration, for free standing displays, tuck shops, advertising and the like.
    3. Ensuring that you and your group behave to the highest standards at all times, including when entering and leaving the premises to avoid disturbance to our neighbours.
    4. Leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition, by ensuring that all litter is placed in the appropriate litterbins provided in the corridors and removing any bulky items of rubbish. It is recommended that, wherever possible, you and all group members re-cycle waste material.
    5. Switching off all lights or services used by the group, the hot water boiler if used, cleaning and drying all kitchen / tea bay equipment after use, and returning it to its normal position.
    6. Using the utility room (adjacent to Room 5) to clean all equipment other than kitchenware, such as craft items and for cleaning of accidental spillage.
  • Seeing if any other user or group is on the premises when you leave. If not, then ensuring that all lights in toilets and shared areas are switched off, all water taps are turned off, and all windows and doors securely closed before locking the main exit door. 
  1. Informing the Bookings Officer of any concern or damage that arises during the letting or of any other problems or issues that may require maintenance or professional attention.
  2. Ensuring that the ban on smoking (including vaping) in any part of the premises or within the grounds is observed.



In the event of an accident on the premises, of whatever cause or severity, you should


  1. Record the details in the Accident Book which is kept in the Foyer before placing the completed accident form in an envelope for confidentiality and posting it in the black internal post box in the main corridor.
  2. Note in the accident book any first aid items used so that replacement can be made.
  3. Use the First Aid boxes (available in the foyer, kitchen, lower and upper tea bays) for emergencies only, and obtain proper medical treatment as soon as practicable afterwards.
  4. Record the details of any other incident in the Incident Book which is kept in the Foyer before placing the completed incident form in an envelope for confidentiality and posting it in the black internal post box in the main corridor.


Health and Safety

While the church does all it can to keep the buildings safe, you must assist the church and its officers in the maintenance of a safe environment for your group and for all the users of these premises. For example, it is advised that you should lock the front door if your group is the only group on the premises.



The fire alarms are tested monthly and the fixed fire safety systems, including extinguishers and emergency lighting are inspected and maintained every six months. You and your group should have proper plans in place to deal with any unforeseen emergency and they should take all necessary actions to prevent the risk of fire. Specifically you must

  1. Ensure that all Group Leaders (including you) have sufficient information and training that they can fully comply with the responsibilities below.  By signing this document you commit to this, and accept that although day-to-day responsibility is delegated, overall responsibility remains with you.
  2. Be familiar with the Emergency Action Plan which include a map of all the emergency exits displayed in your room.
  3. You or your nominated Group Leader are directly responsible for the safety of every person who attends your group.  This includes visitors to the group and any people with mobility problems attending the group.
  4. You must NOT assume that the stair lift will be functioning in an emergency. If using rooms on the first floor and any members have mobility problems your group MUST have in place a procedure to evacuate without using the stair lift. There  are NO fire refuges area on the upper floors.
  5. You must familiarise yourself with all fire exits from the room (in case the most direct one is blocked), and also Alarm Call Points and the Assembly Point so that in an emergency you are in a position to lead your members to safety.  Information on exit routes is on the wall in all meeting rooms.
  6. You should plan beforehand how all group members, including any with mobility issues or special needs, will be evacuated in event of an emergency (even for a one-off visit).  If you believe that you are unable to evacuate any persons safely you must refuse them admission to your meeting. You should occasionally test the plan. 


In the event of a fire your priority is to get people out safely.

  1. You need to assess the nearest SAFE exit route and inform your group
  2. You must execute the plan you have put in place to evacuate people with mobility problems
  3. If you are aware of any members of your group who are away from your meeting room at the time of the alarm (e.g. gone to the toilet), you should try to find them to ensure they get out. If you have a deputy or can co-opt one, the deputy could search for the missing person while you direct the rest of your group out.


  1. At the Assembly Point you must take a roll call to check all your group (including any visitors) have got out. If you have an attendance register and it is safe to do so, take it with you as you leave.
  2. Only if (i) the fire is small and contained, and there is no risk to life, and (ii) you have been trained in the use of extinguishers, then you may make use of the appropriate fire extinguishers to put out the fire. If, at any time, you feel that the situation places you at any risk at all, you must leave the building immediately and wait for the Fire Service to arrive.
  3. In the event that the fire alarm is a false alarm, then you as the Group Leader(s) jointly (if more than one group is meeting) should establish the cause. Only if satisfied that it is safe, you may allow everyone to re-enter the building.
  4. You should report the situation to the emergency services when they arrive. Do not re-enter the building or allow your Group members to do so until authorised by the Fire Service 



There are a number of designated notice boards which you may use with permission. Unauthorised notices will be removed.


  1. Under no circumstances may you affix notices to walls, doors or the like or attach fixtures or decorations of any kind to the walls of the premises by the use of any type of nail, screw, Sellotape, Blutak, paste, etc. nor use any free-standing boards in corridors or shared areas.
  2. You must approach the Bookings Officer to seek the prior written permission of the church before using the name “West Bridgford Methodist Church”, or similar, in any advertisement or publicity.



You should use equipment only for the purpose for which it is designed and should not use or interfere with any equipment that belongs to another user or to the church.


  1. All equipment must be returned to its normal location and settings after use, particularly any adjustments made to radiator valves or heating switches.
  2. If you have permission to store equipment that belongs to your group on the premises this must be kept tidily, and only in the place(s) allocated to your group. No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to any property which is left or stored on the premises.
  3. All electrical equipment you use on the premises by must be tested for electrical safety and display a PAT certificate.



You are responsible for ensuring that your group


  1. Does not use the premises in a way which might injure the reputation of the church or associated Groups, or offend against any statute or any of the regulations of any Local or Public Authority in any way or invalidate our insurance policy.
  2. Does not damage the premises or the fixtures or furniture, and indemnifies the church against the cost of all repairs made necessary by the activities of their Group.
  3. Does not to allow betting or gambling in any form, or use the premises for the supply, sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Both of these are contrary to the Standing Orders of the Methodist Conference.
  4. Does not allow bicycles to be brought into the premises
  5. Does not play ball games, except in Rooms 2, 5 or the Upper Hall (small soft balls only) and does not use any large play equipment e.g. bouncy castles.
  6. Keeps the church indemnified against all liability in respect of claims for damage or loss which may be suffered by any person by reason of or arising directly or indirectly out of the use of the premises hereby authorised.



You must be familiar with the Methodist Church Safeguarding policies, procedures and guidance (2017) including the West Bridgford Methodist Church Safeguarding policy. A copy is available on request and it can also be found on the church website. You must be willing to comply with the Safeguarding policy of the Methodist Church or comparable equivalent guidance and procedures (such as Scouting or Guiding national Safeguarding policy). and commit yourself to following its guidelines so that our church community complies with the latest guidance about creating a safe space for all. This includes, but is not limited to 


  1. Ensuring that when working with children and young people under the age of 18 or vulnerable adults there are at least two leaders available at all times and that the group is supervised by the responsible person or their nominee.
  2. Ensuring that all key holders complete the Keyholder Declaration D (overleaf) about not copying or lending keys. 
  3. Becoming the ‘Responsible Person’ for your group when you sign a Booking Form, taking responsibility for the conduct of the activities of the group, and ensuring that these Conditions for Room Use are followed.



You must be familiar with any Special Conditions of Hire which may be introduced from time to time by the Property Management Team at West Bridgford Methodist and you are responsible for ensuring that your group abides by these conditions.